School Motto / Educational Policy & Goal



Our school motto is “Hope”, which is ESPERANZA in Spanish, and this is the basic spirit of Chiba Prefectural Matsudo Kokusai High School.


SOUL:                               Youth, cultivate your soul!

MIND:                               Youth, polish your mind!

BODY:                               Youth, nourish your body!

ACTION WITH HOPE:   And youth, shine with hope and take action of your own accord!


Enhance Matsukoku Competency to Develop Human Resources with Rich Social & Intercultural Competence.

Matsukoku Competency

01 SOUL: Rich in humanity – Matsukoku style

At Matsudo Kokusai High School, students with diverse cultural backgrounds cooperate in various activities. As a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools,we encourage activities aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), and strive to nurture students who can think and act appropriately in different situations and exercise self-control, learning to live together to realize a sustainable society.

02 MIND: Solid academic performance –Matsukoku style

Our distinct credit-based curriculum enables students to become well educated in both the arts and sciences, developing logical comprehension skills. Moreover,through our advanced English education focusing on output and our active learning-style classes placing importance on group work, mutual learning and presentation, the students develop solid language skills and the ability to determine the true nature of things and tackle unresolved issues. We also promote education on international understanding and international exchange activities as well as interactive programs with the community, aiming to nurture a proactive learning attitude directed toward social development.

03 BODY: Sound body and mind – Matsukoku style

We strive to develop our students’ ability to appropriately control their body and mind through the various club activities, student council activities and events conducted by the students, as well as by offering enhanced student guidance on education and health.

Action with Hope: Human Resources with Rich Social & Intercultural Competence

We develop students who can enhance the Matsukoku Competency, strive to achieve higher goals, seek to understand other cultures, cooperate with people of different backgrounds to resolve issues, and can contribute to building a better society.