Distinct Educational Activities

The distinct educational activities conducted at Matsudo Kokusai High School enhance solid academic performance and social competence.

Extensive education for international understanding and language education

We provide extensive education for international understanding and international exchange activities as well as advanced English education (presentation and debate, etc.) focusing on the four skills (listening, speaking, reading,writing) in order to enhance communication abilities. Furthermore, the school environment enables students to learn to respect each other, develop a sense of multiculturalism and broaden their global perspectives by interacting with students of different cultural backgrounds.


We incorporate the active learning approach in our classes, focusing on proactive,interactive and deep learning.

Our school adopts the semester system and there are two seven-period days per week,ensuring adequate class hours. From the second year, the credit-based curriculum offering elective courses allows students to prepare for university entrance exams whether in the arts or science fields and for both public and private universities.

Moreover,in order to be appropriately equipped for the new university entrance exam system,students will be taking five instead of four semester exams from FY2020, while the school offers further extensive academic guidance.


Quality language education and distinctive coursework

Oversea ssister school exchange programme (with application and selection processes) 

Students will spend approximately three weeks in Australia or the United States,attending a local school and staying with a host family. The Australian programme will be conducted during the summer vacation period, while the American programme from February to March.

Catholic College Wodonga in Australia
St.Brigid’s College in Australia
Del Oro High School in USA

English camp

All first year students from the international & intercultural course and those who wish to participate from the general course spend time using English only and participating in various English activities with a native English teacher.(Note: Due to the Olympics to be held in FY2020, whether or not English camp for students from the general course will be offered is to be decided.)

Overseas students and overseas school visitors

Every year, both short-term and long-term overseas students study at our school. We also interact with teachers and students from various countries who visit us to observe and experience our classes and have lunch together.

Overseas school trip

The trip includes interacting with our Taiwan sister school, Zhong-Lun High School.

Second foreign language

International& intercultural course students must select one second foreign language from French, Korean or Chinese, while general course students may choose to study a second foreign language as an elective.

Speech contests and debates

Students participate in various contests and debates in both English and their second foreign language, and achieve solid results every year.

EIKEN(Test in Practical English Proficiency)

All students take EIKEN (Test in Practical English Proficiency) at our school and those who pass grade 1 and grade pre-1 exams are commended.

Lectures on education for international understanding

Global individuals such as those who worked as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer are invited as lecturers to give talks or conduct training workshops every year.

University-high school collaboration

Credits can be obtained from specialized classes offered at affiliated schools (Hosei University, Toyo University, Dokkyo University, Kanda University of International Studies, Reitaku University).

Unique classes focusing on understanding one’s own and other cultures

Our school offers many unique classes such as International Relations, Japanese Culture, Current English, Cross-Cultural Understanding and Cultured English.